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Dream For Healing, Intuitive Community

Intuitive Community hosts this ongoing physical recovery session: Channel Poetry. To channel poetry is to free the expressive repair functions of our physical bodies.

Learn to channel poetry in supportive community activities and gatherings. Honor your ancestors and the ancestors of our spaces.

Uphold respect for indigeneity and those who have dedicated their lives to that respect. Lift the voices of your stories together and individually, with strength. Create an environment of collaborative well-being, safe for the healing of dreaming. Thank you for tuning to this channeling.

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Supported by Survivors of Severity at Intuitive Invisible, The Metanoiac Portal, Intuitive Social Welsh, Intuitive Emergent, Gut Media, Intuitive Story, and more survivor led projects across our Intuitive community network.


Channel Poetry, Healing Dreaming

Today, we are gathering to perform our channeled poetry and artistic expression to support this crucial community fundraising: 

240/1000– Moving Truck Fees for a friend and their two kids

Hello community!

I am asking for help in regards to helping a friend move and pack their belongings to move. I would like to be able to counter any fees that the moving truck may bring, as well as being able to have a smooth move and we have 2 days to do this.

Here’s a breakdown of costs:

-U-Haul: $400
Taxes & Fees: $100
Fuel: $100
Hired Help: $200
-a buffer for accidents, food, water for the group and kids if extra comes in

Please, if you’re able to support me with donations, I would be appreciative.

If you don’t have money, and you still wanna help? Great- boost, leave a meme or a GIF and show support and mutual aid 🙂

Best wishes to all of you and holding space for this request!

Payment info (I’ll collect and forward along, please write in the memo- Mad Hatter Move so I know, thank you):

Cashapp + venmo: thekielwilliams 🌿 🌺 🌈


The Metanoiac Portal, Intuitive Community Eisteddfod, and the IPR Mystery Broadcast Present:
>> Would you like to know the mullings of somatic minds ? Our kind of Welsh Eisteddfod is this care-full kind : A competition not for ribbons, prestige, or rankings, but rather : to increasingly respectfully honor our own emergent natures in relationship with one another. <<

Intuitive.Community asks: ‘ In your culture and in your lived experience, how have you and your ancestors embodied the expressive fullness of emergent healing dreaming? ‘


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Donate funds directly to support our featured mutual aid effort in support of Michón Neal by visiting this post on Facebook (PayPal and other options are linked here and here).

Submit your poetry and other artistic expressions by joining the IPR Emergent group on Facebook and posting your media there. You may also email to share publicly.

For updates on Michón Neal’s endeavoring and continuing work, follow posts at The Metanoiac Portal Facebook page, at @TheMetanoiacPortal on Telegram messenger, at, and

For more co-creative Eisteddfod performances and gatherings organized by the Intuitive Social Welsh community, explore and

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