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Activating your cat care energies today? Come meet Tilo gato and celebrate the life force and love our animal friends bring to us every day, with such diligence and resonance.

The Intuitive Invisible network groups of our Radio Pública Intuitiva have collaborated for a number of years with a special cat sanctuary in the south of Tenerife, Spain.

These cats, contending with environmental contaminants and physical violence, have no where else to go for safety — but here they receive love, attention, safe food and water, natural recovery support, medical assistance where needed, and a chance to live full, healthy lives in a caring environment.

The cats of Gatunia El Respiro also help the healing of others in ways that only they can. (Cat collaborations, of course, are some of the very best collaborations.)

Our network has benefited profoundly from our partnership with this Tenerife sanctuary — and now our friends at the cat sanctuary need our help.

Will you take a look at the bulletin we’ve included in the link below… and hold loving intentions for our success? We are so grateful for your energetic assistance.

Read this Intuitive bulletin to help send healing energies to Tilo gato: mailchi.mp/ba5397f2b30c/lets-help-the-animal-helpers-support-sanctuary-rescue-relief-20230705-162105-intuitive?e=02a1cdc45e


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