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Max writes,

‘ I am coordinating rescue aid for community organizers who are risking their lives in apocalyptic conditions to make it possible for more people to work together and help one another.

All are welcome, and please let me know if anyone you know needs help.

We are saving the lives of people with practical community motivational & organizational expertise that I notice is frequently asked after in many spaces. This draws together the whole community.

Many people running earthloving projects feel confused or resentful that people aren’t responding well enough.

Often, people aren’t responding well enough because we are missing community organizers who help people communicate to help one another (in the midst of our environments full of neurotoxins, not often brought up in context).

In terms of getting people to act, this is what needs to happen across a number of large communities.

We are finding, contacting, and integrating individuals who want to help one another and want to see everyone be able to take action more effectively.

Then we are working on a variety of projects to make community spaces immediately safer, so that all can get more of their best work done.

We are also broadcasting about it.

You can, too:

Thanks for reading and reaching out.

@maxmorris 🌿

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