Intuitive Bridge Dreams Inclusive Community

Join our next Intuitive Community Gathering this coming Wednesday, November 25, 2020 and more opportunities in days following. Register here for ongoing updates to our gathering calendar: Intuitive Bridge Dreams Inclusive Community (November 25, 2020 @ 12p – 2p ET)  Register here to join us this Wednesday and for our upcoming Intuitive Community Gatherings: Intuitive Bridge Dreams […]

Intuitive Community Gatherings

Intuitive Community Gatherings provide us with opportunities to share meals and music, workgroup together on our chosen platforms, share publicly, and support one another in taking next steps together — as community. 12 pm – 2 pm Eastern workgroup2 pm – 3 pm Eastern pre-recording or livestream3 pm – 3:30 pm Eastern closing words, prayer, […]

Helpers & Professionals Promote Life-Saving Survivor-Led Projects

[Forwarded from 🔊 @IntuitivePublicRadio • Intuitive Public Media • Intuitive Public Radio • IPR •••] We are coordinating a group to restore life-saving medication access to a beloved organizer and support professional in our community who is in crisis. We need your help! Please comment on this post or send a private message to the […]

Intuitive Community Juice

Today on this Intuitive Public Radio of June 17, 2020… Intuitive Community Juice is establishing necessary kitchen access, support, equipment, and safe, organic, whole food ingredients to multiply-marginalized, severely disabled people, especially in communities of color affected by environmental contaminants. In the context of our Intuitive community network, this resourcing radically reduces and reverses racial […]


…to browse our updated Telegram channel directory, which is now a lot more like browsing a website than it ever has been before.  This contains huge archives of survivor-led initiatives and knowledgebase content our members have compiled with their lives on the line. We are building a good community library for you. Please visit […]


We’ve just published our most active, public “web viewer” pages for IPR channels broadcasting via Telegram messenger. You can get involved right away: Start your own community broadcast by visiting and sharing your first message. Ask for help (for yourself and for others) by visiting and Click the “Discuss” button in your Telegram […]