Medicinal Listening

Medicine happens…

…when we listen intuitively to our bodies, our loved ones, and the world we’re in; when we share munity and connect community; when we tune to the faintest signals and include them; when we nourish each other’s voices and respect diversities of living beings…

…that’s when together, we make medicine.

We make medicine for ourselves by listening; finding out what we most deeply need; by letting go of controlling influences and allowing self-discovery, our uniquely emergent, creative compassion and integrity.

We make medicine for one another by listening; caring; learning; by being fully present and helping in the way that is asked.

Is there any effective medicine that does not first require various kinds of skillful listening?

If any stray idea of “medicine” in the world has lost the idea of “listening,” we don’t think it’s medicine anymore.

Medicine is made by listening — to one another, to our experiences, to our planet, the different living beings upon it, the vast mysteries amidst and beyond it.

Medicine is listening.

Listening is medicine.

They are some kind of magically inseparable thing.


This piece compiled from contributions by Gilda, Evan, Max, & multitudinous honorable Intuitive Invisibles. Meet more of us and discover our projects as we (find volunteers to help us) continue to update Intuitive.Social/Hello.


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