The Egg

The Egg is a game of collaborative illumination and honoring the dark.

It is a safe space for honoring the artful expression and lived experience of survivors of invisible illness, particularly complex chronic illness and mold biotoxin / chemical injury.

Many people are affected by these specifically, particularly via water damage and associated mold biotoxin and chemical exposures, environmental pollutants, iatrogenic or pharmaceutical injury, cultural oppression, displacement, and poverty.

Many others share some aspect of these experiences through different avenues and for different reasons, and will share some of our pain, joy, and appreciation of solutions as well!

More and more people are being driven out of their homes by disaster, misunderstanding, and overwhelming illness and sensitivity.

Countless many are still out there, without safe refuge, searching for home.

The embrace of acceptance, understanding, and creative community is needed more than ever.

We will use this increased connectivity to coordinate the funding of transitional support and appropriate physical living environments — safe refuge! — for those who have nowhere else to go.

This represents the barest beginnings of our special project, this thing that has evolved into The Egg.

If you have $1 to support our mission (and also if you do not — ask about a shared login) we would love to know your artful reflections, and have your unique and valuable inputs as efforts evolve.

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