How To: Medicinal BnB

“How-To: Medicinal Blessings, Nourishment, & Belonging…”

Intuitive community and honored allies are working hard to get relevant sections of our Intuitive community knowledgebase into accessible public formats.

In our work together, Bridge Family Group has made possible the development of modular, community-driven “medicinal BnB” methodology that brings skillful listening fully into our implementation of community medicine.

A medicinal BnB is an all-meals, all-medicinal “bed & breakfast” offered by members of a community to support survivors of severe conditions in recovering and re-emerging with self-determined, fully-realized participation in their communities.

Our bodies make medicine; our dreams make medicine; our stories make medicine; our challenges make medicine; our emergent solutions are our medicine.

The first requirement of an Intuitive community medicinal BnB is fully listening to those recovering.

Each prototype BnB bravely nourishes strength of expression and sense of belonging in safe, community-supported spaces.

Each person is supported in discovering their own emergent medicine — a kind of listening that heals the person and those around them.

A BnB might be a traveling space or a stationary space — private or public, wartime or stabilized, customized with community assistance to present needs.

Each BnB location (or mobile unit) is connected to our Intuitive community knowledgebase and the greater network, supporting others and supported by others in establishing modular resource access for its private group and/or public community.

Some of our favorite medicinal BnB resources from the knowledgebase include…

medicinal kitchens: a kitchen made to listen & support an individual creating their most resonant personal medicine

advocacy resourcing & assistance: information, toolsets, & initiatives to connect with people who believe you & believe in you

friendship & community stabilization: friends helping friends remember how to welcome & sustain friendships, friends learning together, friends recovering together

help with that one thing: that one thing you need someone to help you with (we’re here to help with that)

professional media toolsets: broadcasting, publishing, & other shared creative expression between individuals or communities

income generation: collaborative development of income platforms according to the needs of each group or individual

source: Intuitive community knowledgebase, see Intuitive Public Radio

These spaces and processes are engineered to directly support survivors of severe trauma and extreme conditions, where skillful listening presents simple solutions to many common problems.

Intuitive community methodologies create safe access points for a person previously without community to reconnect, heal, and contribute meaningful nourishment to a community that cares for them.

When we listen and create effective solutions together, we undisable the amazing living beings in our midst; we are strengthened by them, learn from them, and build safe communities alongside them.

Just like medicine

Safe, community-oriented, creatively regenerative, people-healing medicinal BnBs start with listening.

Thank you for learning with us, for developing solutions with us, and thank you (thank you!) for listening.


This piece compiled from contributions by Gilda, Evan, Max, & multitudinous honorable Intuitive Invisibles. Meet more of us and discover our projects as we (find volunteers to help us) continue to update Intuitive.Social/Hello.


Please support Intuitive Community coordinating food, supplies, communication aids, trauma information services, the nourishment of belonging, and direct, friendly assistance to people who cannot find help anywhere else.


(Our greatest love and gratitude, each time you tune in to this #IntuitivePublicRadio. Thank you.)

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