These sites are evolving in ways that highlight and appreciate each member’s individual struggle to communicate and create respected platforms through our combined efforts. We are building a living culture of honoring the work of creators others have dismissed.

We are proud of our increasing ability to safely move through what it takes to share our lives with you. We are proud that we are surviving these experiences and creating beautiful, functional solutions with the interesting problems we’ve been handed.

We are energized by the value of seeing our efforts evolve in public. Everything is changing. Our relationship with public audience is growing. We are saving our lives.

Over time, we get to show you what it looks like for us to succeed from a place no one thought we could, no matter the negative expectations of others — and quite dramatically without many privileges commonly assumed to be the only route to succeeding.

We hope you might start to recognize that you can succeed despite others’ misunderstandings about you, too.

And if you need Intuitive community, like we did, it’s here now.

Here is an invitation for you.