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“May we again meet in the light of understanding.”

Don’t miss Theo Henderson’s podcast, We The Unhoused. These words end so many of his audio segments, we find our hearts lifting in prayer and saying it with him.

May we again meet in the light of understanding. Thank you, Mr. Henderson.

More: https://intuitive.pub/2020/03/23/excerpts-from-march-18-2020

Power as a Gift

Max: It’s a terrible feeling to feel like something outside you has power to not care about you or to make you suffer, and then the person decides to try and have power themselves… I think we’ve had the conversation before about “power over” versus “power with”… power over one another or power with one another, power in strength with one another…?

Jim: Yes. And the idea is not to exercise power as a threat but to exercise power as a gift.

Max: I appreciate that a lot. POWER AS A GIFT I think is a wonderful phrase.

Jim: Well if we go back to the young lady with the automobile offering to use the power she has for the well being of other people, I think that what she’s doing making a gift of her power, and in doing so extending the community, and therefore multiplying the gift — that would be the other people who say, I live in the neighborhood with a lot of elderly and sick people who cannot get to the store to get what they need, I will be glad to do that.
  So there’s more energy and more presence and more power in that community.

Max: When we talk about power as a gift, do you know what I think of?

Jim: Tell me.

Max: Our conversation about baking bread! That’s what I think of because all of the tiny little microbes in the sourdough help the bread be most nourishing. They help the nutrients be most bioavailable to the body. Baking bread, the bread itself is a collective organism made up of so many tiny tiny microbes that make the bread most nourishing to a person.
  There is a power in it. There is a gift in it. And for me it feels like a better version of what when I was a kid I would think of as a power plant, an electrical plant. 
  When I think about power as a gift, I think about collective life energy that brings more than seems the sum of its parts.



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This contains huge archives of survivor-led initiatives and knowledgebase content our members have compiled with their lives on the line. We are building a good community library for you. Please visit us and make gentle friends with those you meet along the way.

PS. Wondrous appreciation for everyone in Telegram messenger development. Thank you for creating something so beautifully usable for us and ours. We couldn’t find anything else that worked, then this. You are superheroes.

Caring & Commensality

There’s something about discussions about caring for one another and eating togethercommensality — that captivate us these days.

These two things go together.

What is it about them?

The desire to be closer to our food and closer to one another seems driven by necessity; we are sorting out catastrophes of misinformation.

We are regularly put through painful misunderstandings, exacerbated by trauma affecting all participants.

But when we raise a focus on caring and commensality, something shifts.

We notice that when we prioritize both effective communication and effective digestion, we have different and better outcomes than before.

We don’t feel so much like we’re dying; we share food with one another, we build understandings with one another, we notice a new resilience despite physical duress.

Digestive neurology in community.

There is the nourishment of food — “food” food — and there is the nourishment of things that are not “food” food. When you start noticing them to count them, you realize how they are countless.

The experience of safety and belonging in the company of others can feel like satisfaction, relief, or contentment.

By ensuring community for one another, by optimizing our opportunities for caring and commensality, we are much better fed.

How can we always eat so well?

How To: Medicinal BnB

“How-To: Medicinal Blessings, Nourishment, & Belonging…”

Intuitive community and honored allies are working hard to get relevant sections of our Intuitive community knowledgebase into accessible public formats.

In our work together, Bridge Family Group has made possible the development of modular, community-driven “medicinal BnB” methodology that brings skillful listening fully into our implementation of community medicine.

A medicinal BnB is an all-meals, all-medicinal “bed & breakfast” offered by members of a community to support survivors of severe conditions in recovering and re-emerging with self-determined, fully-realized participation in their communities.

Our bodies make medicine; our dreams make medicine; our stories make medicine; our challenges make medicine; our emergent solutions are our medicine.

The first requirement of an Intuitive community medicinal BnB is fully listening to those recovering.

Each prototype BnB bravely nourishes strength of expression and sense of belonging in safe, community-supported spaces.

Each person is supported in discovering their own emergent medicine — a kind of listening that heals the person and those around them.

A BnB might be a traveling space or a stationary space — private or public, wartime or stabilized, customized with community assistance to present needs.

Each BnB location (or mobile unit) is connected to our Intuitive community knowledgebase and the greater network, supporting others and supported by others in establishing modular resource access for its private group and/or public community.

Some of our favorite medicinal BnB resources from the knowledgebase include…

medicinal kitchens: a kitchen made to listen & support an individual creating their most resonant personal medicine

advocacy resourcing & assistance: information, toolsets, & initiatives to connect with people who believe you & believe in you

friendship & community stabilization: friends helping friends remember how to welcome & sustain friendships, friends learning together, friends recovering together

help with that one thing: that one thing you need someone to help you with (we’re here to help with that)

professional media toolsets: broadcasting, publishing, & other shared creative expression between individuals or communities

income generation: collaborative development of income platforms according to the needs of each group or individual

source: Intuitive community knowledgebase, see Intuitive Public Radio

These spaces and processes are engineered to directly support survivors of severe trauma and extreme conditions, where skillful listening presents simple solutions to many common problems.

Intuitive community methodologies create safe access points for a person previously without community to reconnect, heal, and contribute meaningful nourishment to a community that cares for them.

When we listen and create effective solutions together, we undisable the amazing living beings in our midst; we are strengthened by them, learn from them, and build safe communities alongside them.

Just like medicine

Safe, community-oriented, creatively regenerative, people-healing medicinal BnBs start with listening.

Thank you for learning with us, for developing solutions with us, and thank you (thank you!) for listening.


This piece compiled from contributions by Gilda, Evan, Max, & multitudinous honorable Intuitive Invisibles. Meet more of us and discover our projects as we (find volunteers to help us) continue to update Intuitive.Social/Hello.


Please support Intuitive Community coordinating food, supplies, communication aids, trauma information services, the nourishment of belonging, and direct, friendly assistance to people who cannot find help anywhere else.

Subscribe: patreon.com/IntuitivePR
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(Our greatest love and gratitude, each time you tune in to this #IntuitivePublicRadio. Thank you.)

Medicinal Listening

Medicine happens…

…when we listen intuitively to our bodies, our loved ones, and the world we’re in; when we share munity and connect community; when we tune to the faintest signals and include them; when we nourish each other’s voices and respect diversities of living beings…

…that’s when together, we make medicine.

We make medicine for ourselves by listening; finding out what we most deeply need; by letting go of controlling influences and allowing self-discovery, our uniquely emergent, creative compassion and integrity.

We make medicine for one another by listening; caring; learning; by being fully present and helping in the way that is asked.

Is there any effective medicine that does not first require various kinds of skillful listening?

If any stray idea of “medicine” in the world has lost the idea of “listening,” we don’t think it’s medicine anymore.

Medicine is made by listening — to one another, to our experiences, to our planet, the different living beings upon it, the vast mysteries amidst and beyond it.

Medicine is listening.

Listening is medicine.

They are some kind of magically inseparable thing.


This piece compiled from contributions by Gilda, Evan, Max, & multitudinous honorable Intuitive Invisibles. Meet more of us and discover our projects as we (find volunteers to help us) continue to update Intuitive.Social/Hello.


Please support Intuitive Community coordinating food, supplies, communication aids, trauma information services, the nourishment of belonging, and direct, friendly assistance to people who cannot find help anywhere else.

Subscribe: patreon.com/IntuitivePR
Donate: paypal.me/IntuitiveInvisibles
Volunteer: t.me/s/UrgentHelpersNeeded

(Our greatest love and gratitude, each time you tune in to this #IntuitivePublicRadio. Thank you.)

Rescue Aid, Radio

Bulletin • IPR ••• t.me/MaxMoRadio/193

Max writes,

‘ I am coordinating rescue aid for community organizers who are risking their lives in apocalyptic conditions to make it possible for more people to work together and help one another.

All are welcome, and please let me know if anyone you know needs help.

We are saving the lives of people with practical community motivational & organizational expertise that I notice is frequently asked after in many spaces. This draws together the whole community.

Many people running earthloving projects feel confused or resentful that people aren’t responding well enough.

Often, people aren’t responding well enough because we are missing community organizers who help people communicate to help one another (in the midst of our environments full of neurotoxins, not often brought up in context).

In terms of getting people to act, this is what needs to happen across a number of large communities.

We are finding, contacting, and integrating individuals who want to help one another and want to see everyone be able to take action more effectively.

Then we are working on a variety of projects to make community spaces immediately safer, so that all can get more of their best work done.

We are also broadcasting about it.

You can, too:

Thanks for reading and reaching out.

@maxmorris 🌿

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